Current games in development:
-Meow Serie (4% complete as of  2/20/2021)
-Epic Wings 3 (7% complete as of 5/18/2022)
-Epic Wings Pocket Edition (in concept stage 10/10/2019)
-Epic Wings Tactics (in concept stage 9/8/2020)
-Quadrapath Traveler (In concept stage 3/11/2021
-Horror or Meganoble 4 (Q4 of 2022)
-????? (2023)
Current Animation in development:
-Dwarf episode 1 (10% complete as of 6/1/2020)
Dwarf will published sometime in May with a run time
of at least 10 minutes of animation using the RMMZ engine.

Follow a story that takes place several thousand years after the Meganoble series. The human race has finally been created by the king and the angels that have fallen insist on corrupting this beautiful creation. In an effort to clean this corruption  2 great allies are born. One is a powerful star, the other is a powerful sword and both have unwavering loyalty to the king. button.png

Star Shift Origins tells the story of the first Crew of the Dauntless. Trapped in an alternate reality and on the run, the crew desperately searches for answers while being hunted by the relentless Earth Systems Alliance (ESA).

Meganoble is an action-adventure platform game for PC which follows 1 of 2 playable characters chosen to defeat evil. Each character has their own unique way of fighting and their own special moves for defeating evil.
Choose between 4 stages and engage in a boss battle when finishing a stage. button.png

Following the events of Meganoble, one third of the angels in the sky begin to fall from the sky after the betrayal of a powerful rebel. You are tasked with hunting down the falling stars in order to retrieve heavenly valuables that belong only in the right hands and that if left in the wrong hands would cause a downfall of chaos. Choose between two playable characters to take on challenging missions to maintain piece and order in the heavens! button.png button - Copy.png
2021EP2001.png button.png button - Copy.png

Follow the adventure of Legere. A broken man who lost the most important thing in life must now save the world from the fallen and in order to do so he must first collect all seven of the dragon ba- errr... I mean, he must first defeat all the evil doers in his path!

006ep2017.png button.png button - Copy.png
android button.png
Join Snock, a boy who died at a young age and was resurrected by a higher being with the powers to defeat all evil. On his journey he will meet new people that will perhaps join him on this epic adventure to bring the world back to the piece that this higher being originally intended.