Current games in development:
-Meow Serie (4% complete as of  2/20/2021)
-Epic Wings 3 (7% complete as of 7/31/2022)
-Epic Wings Pocket Edition (in concept stage 10/10/2019)
-Epic Wings Tactics (in concept stage 9/8/2020)
-Quadrapath Traveler (In concept stage 3/11/2021
-Horror or Meganoble 4 (Q4 of 2022)
-????? (2023)
Current Animation in development:
-Dwarf episode 1 (10% complete as of 6/1/2020)
Dwarf will published sometime in May with a run time
of at least 10 minutes of animation using the RMMZ engine.
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Follow the adventure of Legere. A broken man who lost the most important thing in life must now save the world from the fallen and in order to do so he must first collect all seven of the dragon ba- errr... I mean, he must first defeat all the evil doers in his path!

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Join Snock, a boy who died at a young age and was resurrected by a higher being with the powers to defeat all evil. On his journey he will meet new people that will perhaps join him on this epic adventure to bring the world back to the piece that this higher being originally intended.