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The Final Fantasy Company

The Day Shift

The Night Shift


-Guild Master

Fern Roshi (The Night Shift) - Fern Sensei (The Day Shift)

-Company General

This position is only given by the guild master and has all the power that a Founder has minus Rank Settings and Estate Demolition.


This is not a rank that can be obtained and
was given the people to helped create the guild.



A Senate is chosen by Founders in order to keep the guild running if there should be no founders online.



A Shadowbringer is somone who has reached level 80 on any class or job.


A Stormbleeder is someone who has reached level 70. (paying for a level 70 upgrade through the mogstation can sometimes mean you're  serious about playing so this is definitely a position that can be bought)


A Heavensguard is a position given to new company entrees.



This a position with the same power as a senate and is given to Company Generals and Senates who become inactive. When this player becomes active they will remain in this position keeping all the leadership powers they once had. If we are short on Company Generals or Senate positions then we Founders can pick from the Trust or Shadowbringer positions.

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